About Pizza Lounge Dallas

Started by two long time friends Mike and Dave (or rather known as Gen and Scoob) from North Canton, Ohio, pizzaLOUNGE was envisioned and originated in the incredible mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado. The entire vision came amidst some personal heartaches in 2007 and, simply being burnt out in their jobs, Gen and Scoob decided that they were not happy and definitely not doing what they really wanted to do. Thus they began the search for new purpose and sanity. Gen and Scoob started reading and re-searching various opportunities. They also received many suggestions and words of advice from close friends and family. Nothing was developing.

Then while playing and skiing at Crested Butte, Scoob had an epiphany. He knew he and his pal Gen, being the outgoing, people loving guys they are, loved being around good food and drink, friends and family. Thus, why not combine the two and create the perfect backdrop. As soon as the light bulb had been lit, the concept exploded and was underway. Numerous ridiculous and grand ideas were thrown around of which, we suggest hitting Gen or Scoob up for some elaborations.

Influenced by their home town pizza shop and the uniqueness of the Secret Stash, they immediately knew that pizza had to be at the center of their dream as they both held such fond memories of happy times spent at their now two favorite pizza shops, Kraus’s Pizza in North Canton Ohio and Secret Stash in Crested Butte Colorado. To add to the already expanding idea they knew that people need a place to grub, relax and chill after their daily stressful lives where ever that may be. Therefore a full bar with seating to lounge was also a must. But what about the pizza? It had to be darn good, it had to be what it says it is, for example, the famous pizzaLOUNGE “Hawaiian,” and it had to be unique. Scoob began researching dough then followed with many trials, errors and some crazy pizzas and interesting tasting parties.


Two years later the final dough recipe was developed which incorporated the basics and a few secret ingredients to make it tasty and distinctive. Our pizzaLOUNGE signature sauce started with Scoobs family recipe but Scoob wanted a more distinctive, addictive sauce so different tomatoes and more secret ingredients were tested to get it just right. Approximately two years later, our first customers were reading this story and here you are today.

pizzaLounge is not only a unique place for you to visit and have a mind-blowing pie, tasty grinder, foodie salad or very unique appetizer, it’s also a place to come with friends and let loose or simply chill. The story doesn’t end here as we have celebrated our 6th anniversary and our ventures are still to come. We hope you enjoy our pies, being part of the ongoing pizzaLOUNGE story, and keep coming back for more!