Here at LOUNGE we offer a bier selection as diverse as our crowd . Why? Because we love our customers and we love BIER! We like to share the experience of new brews therefore, we are always adding new seasonal flavors and certain brews we simply have not enjoyed before. So please ask our knowledgeable servers about our seasonal selections and which bier is just right for you and


Bud light
Coors Light
Mich Ultra
Miller light

Domestic Prem’s & Craft
Blue Moon (CO)
Dogfish Head 90Min (DE)
Johnny Appleseed (NY)
Left Hand Milk Stout (CO)
Not Your Fathers Root Beer (CO)
Shiner Bock (TX)
Sierra Nevada (CA)

Ace Pear (CA)
Woodchuck (VT)

Corona extra (Mexico)
Dos XX (Mexico)
Guinness (Ireland)
Heineken ( Holland)
Mardesous 10 (Belgium)
Modelo Especial (Mexico)
Negro Modelo (Mexico)
Paulaner (Germany)
Perroni (Italy)
Spaten Optimator (Germany)
Stella Artois (Belgium)

Until they stop making
Pabst Blue Ribbon, we’ll
always have PBR on tap.

We do have other drafts
but, because we are always
trying new brews, please
ask your server for our
current drafts available.



Pinot Grigio
Quenches the thirst and refreshes the palate, crisp, clean.
This also pairs nicely with our Wild Cal- abrese and Happy Goat pies

Sauvignon Blanc
Our lounge Sauvignon Blancs are picked to be enjoyed by themselves or with our Classic Flip or Wild Calabrese pies. Contrasting pies yes but, this wine pairs with many of our gourmet pies

pL Special Selections
$ varies
Our most recent find that we love to share with our customers. Limited amounts on hand so please consult your server.

pL Loungie House Whites & Reds
Please ask your server about our current selections.

Wine While You Wait

Especially for our take out customers, we’re offering very special pricing on Wine while you wait for your gourmet specialty pie or food order to be prepared. Please ask your server for a glass when you arrive.

Come early and enjoy one or two.


Classic Martini’s

The Martinez
The great grandfather of the Martinis ~ bitters; maraschino liqueur; gin; vermouth

pizzaLOUNGE Gibson
Gin ~ dry vermouth ~ cocktail onion

Uses olive brine in place of, or alongside, vermouth. It is also gen- erally garnished with three olives

With a splash of Scotch then stirred, this is also referred to as a Silver bullet Martini

Dirty Pickle
Substitution of olive brine in a dirty martini with pickle juice.

Graham Green
A dry martini with a dash of crème de cassis

Gin martini garnished with one olive and one onion

This pL-tini fills a classic martini glass with PRIMO vodka imported from Argentina which is distilled from Malbec wine. Huh, What? Yes Malbec wine, the best of both worlds with a very smooth flavor flave and, the perfect tini while chilling at pL. PRIMO innovator, owner and distiller Emil de Balthazar chills at
pL regularly so don’t be shy and ask for an intro. PRIMOlicious !!

Seasonal Spirits
Irish Coffee
Killer Bee
Hot Coco

Join us Thursdays for our
Old SchooL Happy Hour
where you can enjoy your favorite classic rock tunes along with beer, wine and spirit specials.
Thursdays 4PM to 7PM.

Lakewood Brewing Bourbon Barrel Temptress available.
Limited quantity so hurry.